How to Play Pool

Rack 'em up!

How to Play Pool. Wanna play pool? Not sure how to play it? Well here are the guidelines on how to play pool:

Note that playing pool requires practice and mental skills.

Know that Pool is an indoor game that requires balls, cue stick, table and rack. You should have two teams with 2 or 4 players in each team.

Toss the coin to decide which team would break the set of balls. Decide before the start of the game, who will take solid balls and stripes balls. Adjust the balls with the help of the rack on the middle of the pool table.

Choose the cue stick of appropriate weight and length. Apply the square-shaped blue chalk at the end of the cue stick (needs to be done before every shot). Now hold the thick end of the cue stick in your right hand.

Stand close to the pool table. Place the cue ball on the table. Aim properly at the ball you want to hit into the hole. Keep left foot forward and the right one about 2 feet back.

Place the left hand with palm facing down on the table. Bend towards the table from left knee and keep the right knee straight. The placement of the hand depends where the cue ball is. Typically, it should be 5-10 inches far from the cue ball.

Adjust the shaft of the cue stick between the crease of your thumb and the side of the hand. The thumb has to be raised slightly. Glide the stick back and forth in the crease. Apply a little powder to the crease for smooth sliding of the cue stick.

Practice the shot before hitting the cue ball. Hit the cue ball in the center. Aim it so that the ball drops into the hole of the table.

Use the 'mechanical bridge' to hit if you cannot reach the cue ball. Place cue stick's ridges at the end of the mechanical bridge. It should be 5-10 inches far from the cue ball.

Hit the cue ball hard to break the balls arranged on the rack.

Slide all the balls (either solid or stripes) except the black ball (numbered 8). The player who pots all the balls of its team and black ball at last in the holes is the winner.


Take care that you do not hurt any player while sliding the cue stick.


Avoid betting with strangers. Take it as a game not a means to earn monetary gains.