How to Get a Plug Out of a Pilates Ball


A Pilates ball is an inflatable piece of exercise equipment, typically made from rubber. Pilates balls come deflated, with a small hand pump and a plug to hold in the air. Over time, a Pilates ball will deflate and eventually require re-inflation. Additionally, Pilates balls are much easier to transport when deflated. According to Ellie Herman's Pilates Workbook on the Ball, removing the plug of your Pilates ball for the first time can seem a daunting task. Once you have the process mastered, however, it takes only a minute’s time.

Position the ball so the plug is facing upward. Make sure there are no sharp objects near the ball that can puncture its surface while you remove the plug.

Place the edge of your plug puller that came with the Pilates ball beneath the lip of the plug. Most plug pullers have two small arms, similar to the claw of a hammer, which will slide under each side of the plug. If you do not have the plug puller that came with the ball, slide the lip of a spoon beneath one side of the plug.

Apply leverage to the plug puller or spoon and slowly pull up in a firm, controlled motion until the plug releases from the Pilates ball.

Place your thumb over the opening if you intend to re-inflate the ball so none of the air escapes. Alternatively, if you would like to deflate your ball, press lightly on the sides to speed up the process.


If your plug puller or spoon begins to bend while extracting the plug, work it back and forth until it protrudes away from the ball. Grasp the plug with your fingers to pull it out the rest of the way.