Prostate Congestion Exercise

Prostate congestion is a commonly occurring condition that affects an increasing number of men as they age. It occurs where the prostate gland becomes inflamed or enlarged, resulting in localized discomfort. While prostate congestion is not dangerous in and of itself, performing exercises to relieve or prevent it can help avoid this disruptive condition.


Perform regular masturbation to help relieve unwanted stress on the prostate. According to the Morganstern Urology and Men's Health Center, a congested prostate is the product of an excessive buildup of prostate fluid within the gland itself. This can occur at any time after reaching sexual maturity, but is more likely to occur in older men. The easiest and quickest solution to prevent prostate congestion is to regularly masturbate to release fluid buildup.

Prostate Massage

Visiting your urologist for a prostate massage is another possible treatment. This advice comes via the Morganstern Urology and Men's Health Center, but it is also confirmed in a study performed by G.F. Paz et. al., published in the January 1980 issue of Andrologia. In the study, 25 individuals with congested and enlarged prostates underwent 10 sessions of prostate massage, which relieved excess prostate size, pain, and congestion. Prostate massage is performed by internal access and stimulation of the prostate gland via the anus. While some sites suggest that you can perform prostate massage on your own or with your sexual partner, the safest route is to rely upon a trained physician.


Engage in regular brisk walking to naturally massage the prostate through your body's movement. According to the individuals at, regular exercise can help to prevent or reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostate or acute prostatitis. While almost any exercise will do, the only caveat is to avoid riding a bike (either road bike or stationary), as the pressure from the seat can place additional unwanted stress on your prostate. Thirty minutes of exercise at least five times a week can, when used in conjunction with the exercises mentioned above, help relieve the pain and prevent reoccurrence of a congested prostate.