How to Qualify for Winter X Snowboarding Events

How to Qualify for Winter X Snowboarding Events. One of the defining events at the Winter X Games is snowboarding. There are a variety of snowboarding competitions at the Games that are responsible for the sport's rapid growth throughout the world. Snowboarders like you, who want to qualify for events at the Winter X Games, need to appreciate the time-consuming qualifying process. Read on to learn more.

Enter the Winter X Games as a Snowboarder

Speak with your sponsors and financial backers about travel during the qualifying process. Unless you qualify for the Winter X Games through a local tour, you will make several trips out of state to fight your way into the snowboarding events.

Become a member of a professional snowboarding tour or organization in order to gain entrance into the Winter X Games. National tours share similar sponsors to the Winter X Games, and top-performing snowboarders, during the preceding season, can qualify for the Games.

Fix your snowboarding form and deal with equipment problems before the qualifying process. Your confidence in the equipment you use allows you to stick to proper techniques during competition.

Attend exhibitions and demonstrations at snowboarding events to show off your skills. These events are frequented by Winter X Games organizers, experienced snowboarders and potential sponsors who can help you get into the Games.

Read local skiing magazines and websites to learn about qualifying events in your area. The Winter X Games organizers use several snowboarding competitions throughout the country to fill out their field in Aspen. Heed registration fees and requirements that are specific to the event.

Gather your snowboard and supplies for qualifying competitions outside your region as a last resort. Snowboarders around the world descend upon the final qualifying events in January for the final two or three spots in each Winter X Games event. Arrive a day or two early to get used to the weather and practice on local hills.

Obtain accommodations and transportation to Aspen for Winter X Games qualifying 3 to 4 days before the opening ceremonies. Athletes who qualify for snowboarding events compete to narrow the field and determine which snowboarders will go first during actual competition.


Learn about the steps you need to take to qualify for Olympic snowboarding when you qualify for the Winter X Games. Snowboarding has been an Olympic event since 1998, and most X Games athletes compete for Olympic spots. The Olympic qualifying process will help prepare you for the Winter X Games by raising your level of competition.