How to Remove Scuff Marks From Figure Skates

Ice skate

Hours of training on the ice will give you beautiful skating technique, but it will leave your skates a mess. Scuff and scratch marks are inevitable as the boots rub together and often hit the heels of the opposite skate, especially during jumps.

A Simple Plan

Remove the laces before polishing any part of the skate. For the boot of the skate, it is best to use a saddle soap or other leather cleaner to clean as much of the skate as possible. Always use a soft cloth. Cover the heel of the skate with masking tape before you polish the boot. After the boot dries, apply a shoe polish in the boot's color with a sponge applicator tip. The applicator tip allows you to control the coverage, because you probably only need to cover the scuff, not polish the entire boot. For the heels of skates, select a polish that matches the color and, again, apply gently with a sponge or brush to cover the scuff marks. You can cover the upper part of the boot with masking tape before tackling the heel, but the leather boot must be absolutely dry, or else you will create more scuffs.