How to Roller Skate Faster


The thrill of going faster comes hand in hand with learning how to roller skate.This is a skill that you should attempt only when wearing full safety gear, as even the most experienced skaters fall at some point. After learning some basics, you can skate faster without needing a massive amount of energy to get the job done.

Roller Skating Faster

Practice balancing on one skate while standing still and occasionally alternate skates. Later, practice balancing on one skate while you're moving. The key to being able to skate faster is having near-perfect balance.

Push with one skate while the other glides and remains straight, much as if you were pushing a skateboard. This will help build better strength and technique.

Learn forward as you pump your skates. This not only works to keep you in an aerodynamic form but it also allows you to apply more force with your skates.

Glide with only one skate touching the surface as you pump each skate. Experienced skaters rarely move with both skates touching the ground, so master the ability to pump with one skate as you ready the other to push forward.

Eliminate twisting your shoulders or chest, because any side motion should happen below the waist. This will promote a faster speed that requires less energy. Move your arms back and forth as well, rather than crossing them over your body. This will keep your shoulders from twisting.

Avoid simply striding forward with your skates pointing straight in the direction you are traveling, as this will absorb energy. Make sure your strides are pushing outwards in a diagonal direction from your body and ensure that each stride is perpendicular to the last. This will give you a carving motion that will accelerate you efficiently.


Try flicking your heel instead of your toe at the end of each stride to increase your speed further. This is a difficult motion to master so only attempt it when you are feeling comfortable with high speeds. This will feel odd the first few times you try it but keep practicing as it will eventually work in your favor.