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How to Run a Good 500 Meter Dash

    Step 1

    Have the right equipment. Make sure the shoes and clothing you train in are comfortable, useful and in good shape.

    Step 2

    Train hard by doing various distances. For the 500m, working on 100-, 300- and 400-meter dashes will prove helpful so the runner can approach the 500-meter as basically a 400-meter run followed by an intense 100-meter dash to finish. Also, longer runs such as 800 meters will help the athlete in training for a successful 500-meter dash because the 500 will seem much more manageable after 800-meter training. Practicing starting strongly is another important training aspect.

    Step 3

    Drink plenty of water the day of the race and stretch and warm up thoroughly immediately before the race.

    Step 4

    Get in a good starting stance. This element requires repetition in training to engage muscle memory. Be on your toes and think about pushing out, not up, when the starter gun fires.

    Step 5

    Use big, powerful strides after the initial start. Get into a rhythm and don't think about the finish line yet. Focus on strong strides.

    Step 6

    Explode when you reach the last straightaway which will mean about 100 meters of the race is left. Do not hold anything back at this point because it will be over quickly. Focus just beyond the finish line.

    Step 7

    Finish through the finish line, leaning in when crossing over. Do not slow up before crossing; run as hard as you can through that line.

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