How to Set the Combination on a Burton Cable Lock

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After a day of snowboarding, you may want to secure your board outside while you go indoors to rest. Thieves often target snowboards. The Burton cable lock is designed to secure a snowboard almost anywhere, preventing theft. The lock uses a three-digit combination to secure the board, and the user can open the lock by turning the dials to the combination's numbers. If you wish to set the combination before using the lock, you can do this by pulling out the cable, then pushing the “retract” button.

Set the code to “0-0-0” if you have not used the lock before. If you have used the lock before, enter the three-digit combination you previously set.

Push the lock's cable all the way in by holding down the “Retract” button located on the left side of the lock.

Push the cable head down into the left hole on the top of the lock. Only the rounded tip of the cable head is visible when yo do this correctly.

Turn the dials to select your new three-digit combination. Pull out the cable when you are finished and scramble the dials to set the lock.