Sit to Stand Exercise

The sit-to-stand exercise is a simple and effective exercise that can be performed by almost anybody who has a chair. It consists of sitting down and moving to a standing position. It sounds easy, but for people with weak legs, knees, bones or severe back problems, the exercise isn't so easy. If you're looking to strengthen your core muscles in an easy manner, look no further than the sit-to-stand exercise.

Performing the Exercise

  1. Sit in the chair of your choice.
  1. Slide forward as far as possible.
  1. Move your feet back so your heels are lined up with the front edge of the chair.
  1. Use your butt and legs to stand up. Lightly use your hands on the chair if necessary.
  1. Do five to 10 repetitions two times a day.

The Benefits

As well as helping to strengthen your bones, the exercise strengthens the gluteus maximus and the quadriceps at the same time. These two powerful muscle groups work to get you to the standing position. Exercising these muscle groups will strengthen your legs, butt and back, and will help protect your spine. A stronger butt, spine and legs will mean better balance and a lower risk of falling.


Make sure that your spine maintains its length. Do not change its shape.

Imagine a buoyancy balloon in the center of your head, just above your eyes. Imagine this balloon pulling you up as you perform the exercise.

Do not let your knees collapse inward.

Breathe in when in the starting position and breathe out when pushing up.

Try not to favor one side or use your hands too much to help you. Your hands should be used only to keep balance if needed.