How to Do a Spin Move in Basketball

How to Do a Spin Move in Basketball

You envy NBA players that can slash to the hoop, driving straight at the best defenders in the world with reckless abandon only to pivot and spin. There's a tornado of elbows, a symphony of sneaker squeaks, and, suddenly, the ball is in the hoop. The original defender still stands there trying to make sense of it all. You can vanish like a pro using their powerful weapon -- the spin dribble.

Dribble just off to the side of the hoop straight at your defender. Go slightly to the right of the basket if you are dribbling with your right hand or just to the left of the cup if you are dribbling with your left hand. You need to compensate for the lateral movement of the spin.

Pound the ball for a power dribble just as you meet your defender. Turn and lower your non-dribbling shoulder at the defender's chest. Dropping your shoulder and turning your body starts the spin, protects the ball and fakes a move in the opposite direction of the spin.

Turn your non-dribble foot sideways, planting it between the defender's feet. Allow your body weight to shift forward onto the foot. Shift the weight of your body onto the heel, raise your toes off the ground slightly and prepare to spin.

Launch off the toe of your dribble-side foot, turning your back at the defender. Spin like a top on the heel of your plant foot. Keep your dribble-side foot tight to the body to increase the speed and control of your spin.

Keep the palm of your hand above the ball and use the force against your fingers to control the dribble during your spin. Swing the ball around your body and dribble once more with that hand. Continue your dribble with the opposite hand, keeping your body in between the ball and defender as you complete the spin.

Explode off the ball of your lead foot. Your hips will still be a bit cockeyed, so you'll have to swing your back leg around your lead leg in order to get into a normal drive.

Read the defense and drive to the hoop, pass the ball or move to the open spot for a jumper.


Make sure not to make too much contact when you dribble at your defender. A smart defender will hold her ground, take the impact and fall, getting an offensive foul called on you.


Keep your elbows tight to your body when you spin to avoid hitting others. Watch out for heavy traffic in the paint. Spinning will make you lose sense of where you are momentarily, so you may step on feet or run into other players of both teams.