How to Start a Men's Flag Football League

    Step 1

    Recruit players, coaches and referees for the flag football league. Start a website or advertise through local newspapers and radio stations. Spread the word through friends and family members.

    Step 2

    Hold a fund-raiser for the league. Ask players to pay “dues.” Hold a raffle. Ask for donations or have a car wash. Determine the amount of money required to run the league, which includes money for uniforms, field rentals, equipment and insurance.

    Step 3

    Locate a field to play the games. Ask the local high school to allow your league to use its football field on off-days or speak to a private landowner about renting a portion of his empty field. Determine if you will have to rent the field or if your league can use the space free of charge.

    Step 4

    Hold tryouts for the teams. Discover each player’s strengths and weaknesses and place him on a team accordingly. Assign each player a position. Group experienced flag football players with rookies to make the teams more even. Divide the players into teams of five, seven or 10 players. Assign each team a name and logo

    Step 5

    Give each player, coach and referee a rule book that outlines the rules of the game. Decide whether some light contact is acceptable in the game. Determine possible penalties and their punishments.

    Step 6

    Purchase equipment for the teams. This includes footballs, plastic or cloth flags, jerseys and knee and elbow pads. Locate the items in bulk for a discount or purchase used goods from online auction houses to save money.

    Step 7

    Schedule the games on weekends, weeknights or whenever the players are available. Play a regular season that ends with playoffs and a final game to determine the league champions.

Things Needed

  • Playing field
  • Equipment

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