Team-Building Ideas During a Bowling Event


While not everyone is a great bowler, there are some ways you can still use bowling to develop teamwork and team chemistry while taking away the pressure to have high scores. Bowling provides a casual atmosphere for the team to develop and grow together. Whether you are building a company, a non-profit organization or a group of youths, building strong relationships will strengthen the team and make it more successful.

Bowling Poker

Bowling poker builds teamwork by having the teammates work together to form the best poker hand possible. To play the game, you will need a deck of cards for every two teams. A team should consist of four participants. The teams will square off against each other by bowling to receive a playing card. After a person bowls a frame he will select cards form the deck based on his score that frame. For a strike, select two cards. For a spare, select one cards. For a "7-10 split," select one card. If only the "7" pin or "10" pin remains standing, select one card. For all other scores, no cards will be given. If the deck runs out, no other cards will be given during the game. After the last frame the team will join their cards together to come up with the best five-card poker hand. They will put their cards up against the other team and the best hand will be the winner. This game can be played in tournament style if you have four or more teams.

Bowling Bingo

Bowling bingo builds team chemistry while eliminating the pressure of bowling for a high score. To play bowling bingo you will need to create a bingo card for each team. The bingo card will consist of a 5-by-5 grid with a free space in the center. Come up with twenty-four different scenarios to put into the squares. The scenarios could include; a strike, a space, a split, one pin left, two pins left, 10 pins left, and so on. The game can be played the traditional way of getting five squares in a row, up and down or diagonally. You can come up with different ways to play such as getting the four corners or getting a shape of a letter. The team will have fun together as they mark of the squares of their bingo card.

Funky Bowling

Funky bowling builds teamwork as the group performs silly forms of bowling together. To play funky bowling you will need a list of 10 silly things to do while bowling. Some ideas would include: Have the team members stand in a line and pass the bowling ball between their legs to the front person who bowls it underhand. Bowl through all the team members legs. Stand Backwards and bowl through your legs Create your own fun ideas for the group and put all of the silly ideas into a hat so that the bowler can drawl one before she bowls. When setting up the game, set it up for one bowler. Each team member will rotate bowling from frame to frame. The team will perform the same funky bowl on the second ball of the frame. At the end of the game the team with the highest score wins,

You Must

You Must builds team chemistry while the team members perform a list of gags based on the bowling score. To play the game, each member will bowl two frames. Create a list of 10 gags for the team to perform based on their score. For splits, strikes, spares and leaving only one pin standing, your team does not have to perform a gag. For all other scores the team will select a gag from a hat and the team must perform it together. Some ideas include: Sing Ring Around the Rosie together and fall down at the end. Move from one side of the bowling alley to the other while walking and quacking like a duck. Stick your finger in another team members nose while shaking hands. Come up with at least 10 of these gags, play the game and have fun.