How to Use a Ninja Kunai Knife

    Identify your kunai. Ninjas use several variations, and it is important to identify your kunai in order to implement its use successfully. Two types of kunai knives exist: large ones, used for thrusting and stabbing, and small ones, used for throwing. All other variations concern types of blade. If your knife's blade is 4 to 5 1/2 inches long or roughly the same size as your extended hand, it is a throwing kunai. If the blade is longer, it is a thrusting kunai.

    Thrust your kunai. A thrusting kunai is used very much like a dagger. Because the kunai does not have a guard, the most effective way to hold it is to wrap your hand around its hilt by making a fist. Find a stable stance, and commence to make short sharp jabs at the object you wish to stab, such as a medium-sized cardboard box.

    Throw your kunai. A throwing kunai is used much like a throwing star. Get into a stable stance in order to project your kunai accurately. This can be done by leaning one foot forward and slightly bending your leg. After this, make an L shape with your finger and thumb while holding your arm back. Hold the dagger facing down by the handle. With a quick gesture, move your arm down. Do not move your wrist because it is your arm's force that will project the dagger.


  • Ensure you have a cleared space when using a throwing kunai.


  • Do not use on people or animals.

Things Needed

  • Medium-size cardboard box
  • Thin, flat board

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