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Uses for an Old Trampoline Mat

Recreational Uses for an Old Trampoline Mat.

    Trampolines come in three basic shapes; circular, rectangular, and octagonal. Regardless of the shape of your old mat it still can be used for other recreational purposes. Some of the best uses would be for aerobics, floor exercises, and yoga. While the average trampoline mat is not padded, it still can provide the perfect surface to perform a wide variety of physical movements. Given that it is made of a lightweight synthetic fabric, it can be easily rolled up and moved to a rec room, basement, or any open space where you choose to work out. The material can be wiped down with a mild household cleaner after each use.

Using your Old Trampoline Mat as a Cover

    Most trampoline mats need to be replaced because of tears around the seams where it attaches to the frame. As long as you do not have any major tears in the interior of the mat, you can still use it as a cover for a number of outdoor items. One thing to keep in mind when covering things that cannot get wet is, while some mats are waterproof, most are actually mesh so they will not keep water from penetrating through the material. A perfect use would be to coverpatio furniture in the winter when it is normally not in use. Given that the mats have grommets around their edges, they can be tied down tight with rope or bungy cords to keep them from blowing in the wind. The mat material is durable and holds up well to the elements.

Using your Old Trampoline Mat as a Drop Cloth.

    The lightweight, durable nature of a trampoline mat makes it useful as a drop cloth. It can be rolled up and rolled out, dragged, and draped over items you need to cover. As a drop cloth for painting projects, though, be aware the mesh nature of the material may not keep paint spills from seeping through, but it is certainly woven tight enough to keep paint drops from staining your covered surface. That being said, I would restrict its use as a drop cloth to outside painting projects only. Other uses as a drop cloth would be in the lawn and garden. It can be placed on the ground to catch leaves and other debris when you are cleaning out your gutters. You can place it around bushes, shrubs, and hedges to catch clippings when you prune. Once full, you can gather up the edges and simply drag the bundle of leaves or brush to wherever you plan to dump them. Cleanup is easy as you can sweep, hose down, or vacuum any remaining residue right off the mat.

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