How to Watch Cricket Live

How to Watch Cricket Live

Cricket is a sport devised in England in the 16th century. Known as “The Gentleman’s Game”, the purpose of cricket is to score as many runs as possible without being dismissed while the other team bowls and fields. The teams then change roles after an “inning”. Generally, there are four innings in a match, so each team bats twice. Although the sport has never entered the mainstream consciousness of the American public, it is played worldwide sport; and there are plenty of ways to watch it live.

Check websites such as USA Cricket Association and Cricket Council USA for information about upcoming fixtures in your area. Although cricket is not considered a popular sport in the USA, it is still played regularly around the country. If you wish to watch a live game of cricket there may be one coming up near you soon.

Trawl through the television listings for live cricket. Cricket is aired live on channels in Australia, the UK and throughout the Caribbean. If your television package is able to pick up channels from any of those countries, then you may stumble across live cricket.

Take an interest in youth cricket. Cricket is becoming an increasingly popular sport with youngsters; and there have been recent announcements of certain high schools introducing the game to the kids. If you live in an area where cricket is growing then you may be able to watch live cricket at youth level.

Combine a holiday to England, Australia or the Caribbean with a side trip to watch a top level international cricket match.