Weider 8630 Instructions

Weider 8630 Features

    The Weider 8630 has two work stations, one with a high pulley and the other with a leg-press plate. Both have a padded seat and backrest. Each station has its own pulley system and weight stack. The stacks have nine weight plates, with the top plate weighing 6.5 pounds and the remaining eight weighing 12.5 pounds each. Several straps, handles and bars come with the machine, making it easy to perform a variety of upper- and lower-body exercises. The station you use depends on the muscle group you're targeting and the exercise you want to perform.

Using the High-Pulley Station

    In addition to a high pulley, this station has a low and medium pulley plus a foam-padded leg lever. Use the lower pulley with the leg lever to perform leg extensions and curls to target your quads and hamstrings. Attach a bar or handle to the same pulley to perform biceps curls and front raises, which work your upper arms and shoulders. Switch the bar to the medium pulley to do seated rows to work your back muscles. Secure a strap to the same pulley for seated cable crunches to target your abs. Attach the bar to the high pulley to perform lat pulldowns and triceps pushdowns to focus on your lats and upper arms. Some of the exercises are done while standing and require you to remove the seat.

Using the Leg-Press Station

    In addition to the leg-press plate feature, this station also has padded butterfly arms and press handles. Use the leg-press plate to perform seated calf and leg presses to work your butt, thighs and lower-leg muscles. Sit between the press handles, grab each one and do chest presses to target on your pecs and engage other arm and shoulder muscles. Reach up, put your forearms against the pads on the butterfly arms and perform pec-deck flyes to focus on your chest muscles.

Designing Your Workout

    The Weider 8630 can be effectively used to perform circuit training workouts. To set up your workout, choose eight to 10 exercises to work the major muscle groups and decide on their order, alternating between upper- and lower-body exercises. For example, you can do chest presses, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, leg presses, biceps curls, seated crunches and so on. Select a weight amount that fatigues your muscles by the last rep. After a short warm-up, perform 12 to 15 reps of each exercise, in order, moving from one exercise to the next with a short 15- to 30-second rest in between. Depending on your strength level and goals, complete the circuit two to four times. Strive for at least two workouts each week and allow a rest day between workouts for muscle recovery and building.

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