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How to Win a Fight against Someone Bigger Than You

    This articles information on self defense tactics should be used responsibly and only when the situation calls for defending yourself. If someone has threatened you or your life is in danger contact the authorities first to try and avoid any physical altercations.

    Confidence is key: Don't believe, no matter who it is big or small that you're going to lose the fight. If you have this mind frame you will have already lost the fight and the self defense you'll display will just be you balled up on the ground trying not to get pummeled even more. A good confidence builder in envisioning victory like it has already happened. You don't need a class on self defense either because most of the things like a round house kick will never be able to be used during a real street fight anyway.

    Striking Points: Visit any store that sells self defense products especially those that have ninja swords. While you're there ask the merchant for a self defense striking points poster. It should be a picture of a man in a kung-fu stance; it will have many different labels on it that show the human bodies weak points. Study these points like a hawk hungry for prey, because they can make a huge difference in the outcome of a fight especially if you find yourself in a choke hold you couldn't normally get out of.

    Fight Day: The ultimate objective in self defense is not losing your cool, while the other person in fact does. Never be the one who throws the first punch, by you being smaller you actually have the advantage even though you think you don't. The bigger person already thinks that they can beat you as well. The tip though, is that they assume that it won't take much effort so they will normally be the first to throw a punch. If their first punch is thrown with the right hand, duck and step to your left. While their body is turned slightly you will have two open shots. One will be the rib cage and the other will be the right jaw. Take the rib cage shot because it is the weaker of the two. After striking the rib cage this will cause the other person to bend or slump over very quickly. When you see this happen your opponent will be wide open to any punch you throw. React very quickly before they recover, and make every blow count. Remember however that self defense is not about you trying to put the other person in the hospital, it's about defending yourself from attack.

    Once you have the upper hand in the fight or your opponent is on the ground explain to them that you no longer wish to fight anymore. This is the psychological part of self defense; your opponents mind will be subdued because they will imagine that your self defense tactics will keep getting better from that point on. Remember, your opponent thought the fight would be easy, but you have turned the tables in you favor. If there is someone near with a cell phone ask them to call the police as well. This will also work at ending the fight before it gets out of hand.

    Finally as mentioned in the beginning of this article on self defense, this is not meant to show you how to become a public nuisance. These tips are meant to show you how to defend yourself against someone bigger than you when out witting them fails. You should always contact the authorities if you feel your life is in danger or someone has threatened you first, to try and avoid any physical altercation.

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  • How to Win a Fight against Someone Bigger Than You

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