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What to Wear With an Oversized Button Down Shirt?

Oversize button-down shirts aren't just for the boys. Ladies can wear the trend, too, and look really chic while doing it. They key is learning how to style this menswear-inspired trend to best complement your look. Get it right, and you'll be sure to upgrade your wardrobe in a very fashionable way.


Make your oversize button-down more polished by layering it under a structured piece. Try yours under a tailored blazer, for instance. The juxtaposition of a tailored piece over a looser-fit item will make your look interesting. Layering a button-down under a sweater looks fashionable, too. Try rolling your sleeves over your sweater to make the look more relaxed. If you don't want to layer your shirt under something, wear it over a fitted tee or tank, instead.

Beach Babe

Make your look summery by wearing it to the beach. Try yours as a cover up, or pair it with shorts. Leave your shirt unbuttoned, and tie your top at the front to keep your look feminine while showing a little skin. Another fun, relaxed option is to do a half-tuck. Pick one side of your button down, and tuck it into your shorts. Leave the other half hanging free.

Play with Proportions

Balance out your oversize button-down by wearing it with a skinny-fit pant. Leggings are a simple and comfortably option. If you'd rather not do leggings, any skinny-fit pant will work, so whether you prefer slim-fit slacks or skinny jeans, either look will do. Make your look more dressy by finishing it off with a pair of heels.

Skirt the Issue

Dress up your button-down by tucking it into a skirt. This is also a clever way to make your dressier skirts more daytime friendly. If your button-down is less dressy, pairing it with a fancy skirt will make the skirt more casual. Finish off your look with a pair of flats, and you're all set. If you're looking to wear your button-down at night, a sparkly or beaded skirt paired with fancy heels will do the trick. A dressy belt also ups the glam factor.

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