The Best Clothes for a Woman With an Elongated Torso

Noel Hendrickson/Lifesize/Getty Images

Having an elongated torso means you are long-waisted or low-waisted with legs that look shorter in comparison. Find clothing, shoes and accessories to flatter your assets, hide your flaws, and strike a better balance between your upper and lower half.

Pants and Skirts

Wear jeans and trousers with a mid-rise or high-rise to make the most of your legs. Choose dark colors and pinstripes, which slim and elongate. Consider trying pants from the petite section even if you're taller than 5 feet 4 inches, as they may provide a more tailored fit for your shorter legs. Straight and boot cut pants that are long enough to cover most of your shoe will create a long line for your lower half. Avoid cropped pants that cut across the leg and have a shortening effect.

Skirts that sit at your natural waist or slightly above will provide a balanced silhouette. Wear skirts with tucked-in tops and blouses to shorten your waist. Shorter length and mini skirts and shorts will make legs look longer.


Choose empire waist tops to help raise your waist. An empire waist top that flares out slightly toward the bottom will be flattering and conceal any extra weight you may be carrying around your midsection. Tops with asymmetrical hemlines add angular lines that draw the eye away from a low waist. Try wearing tops tucked in and avoid tops that fall beneath your hipbone.

Light-colored and printed tops visually shorten your figure. If you're slim, you can wear tops with horizontal or diagonal stripes, which will cut down the length of your torso by drawing the eye outward. Avoid tops with vertical lines and other vertical details. Cropped jackets and blazers will lend proportion and nicely finish your look.


Empire waist dresses or gowns, which raise the waist, are a natural choice to create a balanced figure. Universally flattering wrap dresses, which crisscross your middle and have a tie, will help break up the vertical lines of your midsection. Wrap dresses also accentuate your bust and slim your hips and waist. Avoid drop waist dresses, which exaggerate a long torso and shorten legs.

Hemlines that are knee-length or shorter help lengthen legs. Avoid dresses that end at the widest part of the calf.


Raise your profile and give your legs a lift with high heels. Heels nearly hidden under long jeans or long pants will lengthen your legs without being obvious. Pointy toe shoes and heels are a plus, as they lead the eye down for a lengthening effect.

Wear shoes or boots and tights with skirts or dresses in the same color. If you're going barelegged, wear flesh-colored shoes and heels to create a longer line.


Move your natural waist up a few inches with a belt worn higher on the torso. Wide belts will generally be more flattering, but try a medium width if you're petite. Avoid narrow belts and belts the same color as your top or dress that will elongate your frame. Wear eye-catching scarves, necklaces, earrings and other accessories to draw attention up to your face and shoulders.