How to Tie Russian Hat Ears

Portrait of a man wearing a hat

Icy conditions can make venturing outdoors a chilly venture, but by wearing the ushanka, a traditional Russian hat, you can maintain body heat and look stylish. Made from either real fur, like mink or rabbit, or faux fur, this type of hat typically has protective ear flaps that you can wear three different ways: tied up top, tied under the chin or left down, but unsecured. Find the right look and level of ear protection by trying each of these style choices.

Tied Up Top

Position the forehead flap at the front of your head then place the hat on your head. It should rest comfortably and securely with the ear flaps covering your ears.

Push the flaps up, forcing them to rest on the sides of the hat.

Gather the strings at the ends of the flaps and tie them in a bow at the top of the hat. This keeps the ushanka’s flaps up and out of the way.

Tied Under the Chin

Gather the strings of the ear flaps with your hands.

Pull the strings together under your chin.

Tie the strings in a shoelace bow directly under your chin.

Dangling the Strings

Put on the ushanka and position it comfortably on your head.

Untie the strings and allow them to dangle down.

Leave the strings hanging.