P90X vs. Max Workouts

P90X vs. Max Workouts

P90X and MAX Workouts are both 90-day, at-home workout programs that challenge your muscular endurance and stamina. The two fitness products share some similarities, but they have significant differences that are worth considering before you commit to either program. Both can be effective, if you can motivate yourself to stick with the program and diligently follow the workouts.

Familiarize yourself with both and decide which is best suited to your own needs and fitness goals.


The MAX workout program uses short, high-intensity cardio and strength training routines. It's delivered in book form with photographs and text to help you understand each exercise. The workouts include full-body exercises, interval workouts and circuit training.

P90X uses similar exercises but also features a yoga workout — all delivered via DVD. P90X is also a high-intensity program, and the workouts are longer than MAX Workouts. While MAX Workouts are less than 30 minutes long, the P90X workouts generally last about an hour and the yoga routine exceeds 90 minutes.


The P90X program is a video series. You may find it easier, and more motivating, to follow the instructor-led workouts. The program consists of 12 workouts each on an individual DVD.

MAX Workouts is a 120-page electronic book that comes in PDF format. The document includes workout charts that tell you what order to do the exercises in and photos are provided to show you the proper technique for each exercise.


To do the MAX Workouts program you'll need access to a barbell or dumbbells and a pull-up bar. You can use optional equipment like a treadmill or bicycle for the cardio portion of the program or simply choose to run outside.

For P90X, you need a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar and a yoga mat. You can also use push-up bars if you want to add depth to your push-ups and the program guide recommends using a heart rate monitor to track the intensity of your workouts.


The MAX Workouts program is designed for people who regularly work out or have in the past, but have fallen off the workout wagon. According to the product's website people who've never exercised and who have lead a sedentary life should start with a less intense program.

P90X is designed for people who are reasonably fit as well. Before starting the program, the program guide advises you to do the P90X Fit Test which assesses your ability to do exercises from the program. If you pass the test you are fit enough for the program, but if not the guide suggests starting with something easier.