How to Wear a Sweater Dress With a Bulging Tummy

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A roll at the belly can be an issue for many women shopping for clothes. Sweater dresses are cute, soft and warm; but since they're form-fitting, they tend to show all your curves -- including a lower belly bump. Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to disguise that bulge. There are also things to keep in mind when choosing a sweater dress so that it best complements your body.

Types of Sweater Dresses

To cover up a bulging tummy, wrap sweater dresses and empire-waist varieties are the most useful. The former creates a waistline for you, while the latter camouflages and draws attention away from your stomach. They also drape loosely over your tummy and your hips, so bumps will be concealed. Choosing a dress with embellishments and details above the waistline draws attention upward and away from your tummy. Also, the experts at More Magazine advise that dresses that fall below your knees make you appear taller and slimmer, so keep this in mind when choosing your dress length.

Get the Right Fit

An important part of concealing a tummy bulge in your sweater dress is wearing one that fits you well. If it is too big or too small, it will draw attention to your belly bulge. Picking a size and fit that establishes your waistline and emphasizes your feminine curves -- without being too small on you -- is the way to make the most out of your dress.

Wear a Compression Garment

A compression garment is an undergarment that covers and compresses your tummy and hips; they can also cover your upper body and thighs. You want to wear an undergarment that fits you exactly right, for the sake of comfort and appearance. Depending upon the size of your tummy, the compression garment can either smooth the bulge or flatten it entirely.

Other Tips

One way to hide your tummy bulge in a sweater dress is to wear a nice fitted jacket that complements the dress. Fitted jackets flatter the female figure, making you look slimmer. They also cover up or divert attention from a stomach bump. Your posture is also key to flattening out your tummy. Remind yourself to sit and stand up straight. Every once in a while, roll your shoulders back and lift your chest -- your tummy will pull in. With these tricks of the trade in place, you can wear that gorgeous sweater dress with confidence.