How to Pack a Tie

Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Whether your ties are made from silk, cotton, polyester or any other fabric, packing them the wrong way can lead to a wrinkled tie when you unpack. Wrinkles can be removed from ties through ironing or steaming, but if you want to avoid the extra work, pack your ties in a bag or suitcase for travel, or even a box if you're moving, so that they come out wrinkle-free.

Roll up your tie before packing. Laying your tie flat in a suitcase or box makes it more prone to wrinkles. To roll the tie, hold the skinny end in one hand with your fingers and let the rest of the tie drape over your hand. Roll the tie snugly around your hand, making sure there are no creases as you’re rolling. Slip the rolled-up tie off your hand to pack.

Place the rolled tie into a shoe or your jacket pocket for travel. Make sure the tie fits snugly inside the pocket or shoe so it doesn’t come unrolled during travel.

Buy a tie case if you prefer to pack your ties unrolled. A tie case has two straps that hold your tie in place. Fold the tie in half, then place it neatly under the straps. Pack the tie case in a bag, suitcase or box.