The Best Jeans for a Woman With a Long Torso

Tatjana Strelkova/Hemera/Getty Images

Flattering jeans should be a staple item in a woman's closet; but if your body type is classified as having a long torso, it may seem like a challenge to find shape-enhancing jeans. The length may be too long or the waist too low, giving the appearance that your legs are shorter than they actually are. You can find a jean that will give proportion by following these guidelines.

High or Medium Rise

The jean appropriate for a long torso is a high or medium rise because it evens out your body proportions. A long torso makes the legs look shorter, so jeans with the appropriate rise create the illusion of a higher waistline and longer legs. You can create a figure-flattering ensemble by pairing a short jacket with a blouse or top that is tucked into the waist of the jean. Wearing your top inside the pant minimizes the look of a long torso.

Length of the Jean

Be sure to continue the look of a shorter torso and longer legs by wearing a jean in the appropriate length. It should stop slightly over the front of the foot and cover the back of your shoe. It should be long, but not sweeping the floor. The best shoe to wear is one with a heel of at least two inches or higher to create the appearance of a long and lean leg.

Type of Jean

Ideal jean cuts for a long torso range from skinny to flared to bootcut. A straight or slim-fit flared bottom lengthens the leg creating a flattering silhouette. No matter what the style, the jean should have a tight fit from the waist to the knees. Avoid baggy or wide-leg pants as such cuts shorten the legs.

Color of the Jean

Jeans come in many colors, dark denim is most flattering for a longer torso. Dark blue or black camouflages the long torso and elongates the legs. To create balance in the top and lower halves, wear a bright-colored or floral-print blouse tucked into the waist. If wearing a colorful jean such as red or pink, pair it with a darker shirt on top to minimize a long torso. Add a belt to define your middle, essentially breaking up some of the length and accentuating the waistline.