The Best Swimwear for Small Butts

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Finding a swimsuit that flatters a small bum is easy as 1-2-3 -- or, C-C-E: cut, color and embellishment. Put these three qualities to work for you during your next swimsuit-shopping session to give your backside a visual boost. You'll be showing off your small -- and stylish -- behind in no time.

Cute Cuts

Make sure your swimsuit is a cut below, not above, the rest. When your bathing suit bottoms cover about half (or more) of each cheek, this creates the illusion of roundness. Try the boy cut, which shows just a peek of posterior, or a full-coverage type of cut.

Color Cues and Pattern Play

Place a pattern on your backside to play it up. Small-scale patterns are best; larger ones may swallow up a small bum. Color placement is also crucial; wearing a bright shade on the bottom and a dark or flesh-toned top will amplify your bottom. Beware of a plain, dark pair of bottoms as they can flatten your backside. If you do opt for a dark bikini bottom, be sure it's got some sort of embellishment to give you an extra boost back there.

Extra, Extra

When you've got a cut that allows full coverage, take it to the next level by layering your lady lumps with extra d├ęcor. Just about anything, from pockets placed high on the bum to an attached belt around the hips, will visually enhance you bottom half. Try ruffled bottoms for a retro, feminine look or buckles for a sporty vibe.

Hum-drum Bum

What a bummer -- some swimsuit details will not benefit your booty at all. Avoid string bikinis, or anything high-cut; these will stretch your shape and leave your fanny looking flat. Also, be wary of one-pieces; rather than breaking up the body line and encouraging a curvy look, a one-piece swimsuit creates one continuous outline of the body, visually blending a small bum into the rest of the body. To rock a one-piece and still amplify your butt, try wrapping a small sarong around your hips, or be sure it's got some extra embellishments on the bottom.