What Clothing Looks Best on Those With a Bigger Belly?

Finding the right clothing fit for your body type doesn't have to be tough. If you're an apple shape -- meaning you carry more weight in your midsection -- there are plenty of pieces you can wear that will cover your problem areas while flaunting your assets.


High-waist pants work well for apple shapes. Opt for ones with a bit of stretch, which will help hold your belly in. A flare or wide leg also helps to balance your proportions. If you prefer a straight leg, this will work too, but avoid skinny jeans, which won't give your frame any sense of balance. Look for waistbands that lay flat across your belly.


Corset-style tops provide structure to your frame. They're also very feminine and add a subtle touch of sultriness that any woman would love. Wrap tops offer a fantastic drape, which hides the appearance of a larger tummy. V-necks and scoop necks show off a bit of skin up top, which helps to draw the eyes upward.


Go for structured jackets that will define your upper body. Single-breasted and two-button jackets are your best bet to get that definition. If your jacket isn't quite the right fit, invest in a good tailor who can alter the jacket to fit you. Tailoring can make a significant difference.

Dresses and Skirts

Wrap dresses work just as well as wrap tops and flatter your frame perfectly. Empire-waist frocks are also a good option. They're fitted up top and start to flow right under the breastbone, effectively camouflaging a bigger belly. A-line skirts make your waist appear smaller. If you want an even more dramatic effect, try a skirt in a vibrant color or design, which will draw attention to your legs.

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