The Best Way to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

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There's no one best way to wear an ankle bracelet or anklet. Take into account what you'll wear with it and where you're going to help you decide how to wear one. Nailing a look is a cinch.

Show Off Your Legs

The biggest rule to wearing an anklet is to pair it with bottoms that show it off. Skip long pants and wear cropped ones or shorts. Make sure that there's a decent amount of skin around your ankle showing so it's clear that you're wearing an anklet. Cropped leggings, sundresses, shorts and skirts are options that highlight an anklet.

With Pumps

Make your pumps even more ladylike by slipping on an anklet. This pairs perfectly with an equally feminine dress or skirt, and provides an unexpected but decidedly girly accent to your ensemble. Your anklet will fall right above the top of the heel of your shoe. Any pump will work here, if you're wearing an anklet in a neutral or metallic shade.

Keep it Delicate

To keep your ankle bracelet looking chic, opt for a dainty one. Gaudy ankle bracelets will detract from your look. This doesn't mean you have can't buy a costume jewelry version -- we don't all have the bucks for precious metals -- just be sure it's delicate and you're all set. Tiny charm bracelets and even ones that are simple chains all work well.

With Flat Sandals

Go boho and wear an ankle bracelet with flat sandals. This looks fantastic with a flowing sundress or simple shorts. Wear an anklet on either ankle, or wear on on both ankles for an extra punch of style. A delicate anklet or a friendship-bead anklet work the boho vibe.

Go Barefoot

If you're headed to the beach, an anklet is the perfect accessory to take along. Go barefoot with your ankle bracelet as your main accessory. It's an easy way to make your beach look stand out in all the right ways. Go big, bright and bold with colorful anklets, or keep it simple with subtle silver and gold ones. Just make sure it's a bauble that will last through a swim.