How To Put On a Girdle

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Girdles have been used by women for several decades and have gone through several transformations. The girdle of today uses a high percentage of elastane to create a supportive and flexible undergarment while many of the vintage girdles used rubber and latex. These undergarments function much like a pair of standard underwear, but they offer more coverage and structure to create a timeless shape under skirts, jeans and dresses. These simple pieces of shapewear have been around for several decades and although the materials have changed, putting a girdle on hasn't changed so drastically.

Roll down the top of the girdle so the top of the elastic waist sits by both of the leg holes in the girdle. Hold the garment out in front of you with the front panel of the garment facing forward.

Sit down on the edge of a bed or a comfortable chair. Place your right foot through the right leg hole and your left foot through the left hole.

Lay back in the chair or bed and pull the girdle up your legs until the bottom of the two leg pieces sits comfortably on the thigh area. There are multiple styles of girdles, some sit at the bottom of the thigh and some at the top. Adjust the cloth so that it lays flat on your thigh area and feels comfortable.

Stand up and pull the top elastic of the girdle up and over the lower torso area until the top of the girdle sits at the waist around the bottom of the rib cage, and your stomach area is firmly encased in the girdle.

Adjust the edges of the girdle so the elastic sits comfortably on the lower torso, and there are no creases and wrinkles in the lay of the girdle fabric either on the stomach or on the thigh.


Wear a pair of thin, breathable underwear underneath the girdle if you would like to use the girdle more than once before washing.

Buy a girdle in the correct size to get the most comfortable fit.