LIVESTRONG.COM Experts' 2016 Fitness & Nutrition Predictions

One of our fitness predictions for 2016 is more sophisticated wearable tracking devices

We checked in with our leading LIVESTRONG.COM fitness and nutrition experts to get their thoughts on what will be hot in the world of fitness and nutrition in 2016. Here are their top predictions for the new year…

Male runner checks his fitness wearable to get stats on his performance

1. More Sophisticated Wearables - Wearable fitness technology is moving into ever newer territory. Biometric measurements are getting incredibly sophisticated while the wearable devices are getting smaller and smaller. With Lumo and UpRight (posture trainers) and the Spire and Leaf (which track your breathing and stress levels), we will see wearables that will assess biomechanical advantages, musculoskeletal misalignments and imbalances. These devices will be able to give accurate caloric expenditures and heart rate monitoring. Until now these measurements were only estimates. –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert Holly Perkins, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Founder of Women's Strength Nation


2. New Modes of Outsourcing Meal Prep - Think you're too busy to take the time to get healthy food onto your table? Think again! Starting first in large U.S. cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, many new concepts for food delivery have been popping up online, and in 2016 they will be available in more and more areas. From freshly-prepared meal delivery such as Munchery and SpoonRocket to meal kit delivery options such as Plated, Blue Apron and The Purple Carrot (where you cook pre-measured and prepped ingredients along with the recipes they provide), there are now many options to make it easier for busy people to get healthy meals. The newest concepts MyTable (Austin and Los Angeles), Foodie Shares (Los Angeles), Josephine (San Francisco) and Lish (Seattle) enable customers to purchase fresh meals direct from local chefs and people in your own neighborhoods. Expect to see more locations available in 2016. –LIVESTRONG.COM Editor-in-Chief Jess Barron

The business world is finally realizing that women of all sizes and shapes participate in sports and fitness activities.

3. Stylish Workout Wear for Women of All Sizes – The business world is finally realizing that women of all sizes and shapes participate in sports and fitness activities. SuperFit Hero, a new company founded by Los Angeles-based Roller Derby Athlete Micki Krimmel, creates stylish athletic clothing for women sizes XS - 3XL for activities including running, yoga, CrossFit and more. We hope to see more openminded fitness fashion companies popping up in 2016! – LIVESTRONG.COM Editor-in-Chief Jess Barron

If a person’s diet is quantified – into calories and macronutrient amounts – there are no "bad foods," per se

4. Flexible Dieting/"If It Fits Your Macros" (IIFYM) Eating – There has been a focus on demonizing and eliminating certain macronutrients, food groups, or ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. In the 1990s it was fat. In the first decade of the 2000s it was carbs. It didn't get us anywhere and obesity rates increased. It's shortsighted. Everyone wants one thing to be the magic bullet when it comes to sustained fat loss. But that truth is: hitting your caloric needs and staying within a certain macronutrient breakdown is what's most important, and ANY food can reasonably be incorporated. Dieting and fat loss nutrition has typically centered around deprivation – "can't have," and "good foods" vs. "bad foods." This is misguided. If a person’s diet is quantified – into calories and macronutrient amounts (such as when using LIVESTRONG.COM's free Calorie Tracker app to track your calories) – there are no "bad foods," per se. A qualitative or deprivation approach toward eating will only take a person so far. You can "eat clean" all you want or eliminate whatever food(s) you want while still overshooting your calorie needs and ending up with a less than ideal macronutrient composition and experiencing less than optimal – if any – results. –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert Patrick J. Striet, Owner LiveFit Cincinnati LLC

Spiritual yoga class

5. Sweating With Soul - With all the stress we face in our modern society and all the global tragedies that seem to happening so frequently, people are looking for more than just fitness these days. They want an experience that is going to touch them emotionally. The top instructors are no longer the ones with the six-packs or modeling headshots, they are the people that share an authentic inspirational message with the class. – LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert Brett Hoebel, creator of 20 Minute Body

Woman doing yoga at her home, assisted by on-demand fitness trainer

6. On-Demand Personal Trainers - A number of apps such as Fitspot, Priv, TroupeFit, Handstand and their competitors are making ordering a trainer to come to your house as easy as ordering dinner delivery. Trainers and instructors can list their hours and certifications and specialties such as yoga, kickboxing and more, and prospective customers can browse by time, type of workout, gender of instructor and instructors’ star ratings and reviews. –LIVESTRONG.COM Editor-in-Chief Jess Barron

Full fat foods such as whole eggs, nuts, grass-fed butter and seeds will be embraced for hormone and brain health

7. High Fat, Cholesterol-Based Diets for Hormone and Brain Health - With Bulletproof Coffee's popularity over the past two years, high fat diets are already starting to gain traction. In 2016 they will move into the forefront. There is emerging research that shows saturated fat, and cholesterol are imperative for hormone production and ultimate health. We've seen low-fat diets, we've seen low-carb diets, we've seen low-protein diets and we've seen high-protein diets. We have never seen a high fat diet approach. –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert, Holly Perkins, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Founder of Women's Strength Nation

Woman performs push-ups in the gym during a short 20-minute workout

8. Even Shorter Workouts - We all know that time is our most precious commodity. We also have learned the benefit of short, intense interval training. Factor in travel time to your gym, and a full hour workout can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, with calorie-torching group fitness classes I think we will see a lot more 30-minute-or-less classes popping up. With express options popping up more, it also gives people the ability to try more activities and types of workouts and maybe more than one class a day. – LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert Jason Wimberly, celebrity personal trainer and founder

In 2016 will we focus less on fixed machines (such as spinning and treadmills) and more on free movement?

9. Less Machines and Less Repetitive Motion - The fitness movement will move away from repetitive movement on fixed machines (spinning, treadmills, weight lifting machines), and move toward weighted movement in free space across all planes of the body, including lateral and transverse work. –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert Elise Molinelli,

Plant-based foods, including beans and legumes, will be increasingly popular in 2016

10. More People Following Plant-Based Diets - Awareness around food sustainability and plant-based diets has never been more popular and beans and legumes are a perfect fit for these. Beans and legumes might not sound like the sexiest foods, but they are popping up everywhere, from pastas to chips and tasty baked snaps. Plant-based foods are easier on the environment, as they require less of the planet's valuable resources to create. Plus, beans and legumes are budget-friendly so they're available to everyone. This could be their year to shine. –LIVESTRONG.COM Dietitian and Nutrition Expert, Kelly Plowe, MS, RD, CSSD.

We will see more Bulletproof coffee in 2016

11. More Bulletproof and Bio-Hacking - First, Dave Asprey’s top podcast took off. Then, this led to his New York Times Best Selling Book “The Bulletproof Diet.” Now, Bulletproof coffee stores have started opening nationally, and Asprey just launched an entire line of Bio-Hacking supplements. The diet is a modified paleo diet that promotes the use of its signature cocktail of Bulletproof coffee, MCT oil and organic, unsalted grass-fed butter. –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert Brett Hoebel, creator of 20 Minute Body

Woman uses laptop to train via two-way streaming video with a trainer

12. Remote Live Training Via Two-Way Streaming Video - You don't need to go to a gym or have a trainer come to your house in order to have a personalized fitness training session. Digital live streaming video apps such as LIFT Session and Wello (acquired by Weight Watchers in 2014) are becoming increasingly popular to get one-on-one or small group time with a trainer via two-way video where they can evaluate your form as you follow along with their live workouts. –LIVESTRONG.COM Editor-in-Chief, Jess Barron


13. More Concierge Fitness Membership Mash-Ups Popping Up - Studios, gyms and health facilities are realizing that people don't just stay loyal to one workout and one workout only. Now more than ever, with so many great options, people change it up, mix up and mash-up their workouts. Rather than simply competing against each other, individual gyms and studios are linking forces through businesses like ClassPass and other partnership and promotion ideas to drive awareness. ClassPass has definitely changed the landscape for boutique studio memberships. In 2016 this will increase with more of these types of businesses popping up. Getting a membership to one gym or one studio offers less options when you consider that you can gain access to all gyms in your area. People like the idea of being able to go anywhere, have flexibility and beat boredom (one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to exercise). –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert, and YouTube video trainer Amanda Russell, MBA, CPT,

Yoga will become more of a priority for people across all fields of health and fitness in 2016

14. Yoga for Everyone for Stress Reduction and Balance - Yoga will become more of a priority for people across all fields of health and fitness as a compliment to all training routines to balance mind/body/spirit and reduce stress. –LIVESTRONG.COM Yoga Expert Dashama Gordon,

15. More Types of International Dance Fitness Classes – Get ready for music, movement styles and cultural influences from all over the world. Bollywood-inspired cardio dance classes are already popular with offerings such as Doonya and BollyX, The Bollywood Workout. –LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Expert, Reena Vokoun, certified fitness and dance instructor and founder of Passion Fit, LLC.

Jess Barron is Editor-in-Chief of LIVESTRONG.COM. Read some of her other health and fitness articles here. Jess loves heirloom tomatoes, fresh figs with burrata cheese and anything with pumpkin or peanut butter in it! Her love for food fuels her desire to exercise. In the summer of 2012, Jess lost 20 pounds in a test group for a fitness program. Some of her favorite workout routines include walking, running, yoga, STRONGER, P90X, INSANITY and mixed martial arts. Jess’s writing can also be found at She has appeared on MSNBC’s The Most, ABC News Now and XM satellite radio, and her writing has appeared on and

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