A Do-Anywhere, 15-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout

Got 15 minutes? Then you have time for an easy workout.

It can be tough to get motivated to get to the gym or squeeze in a workout in the morning or after work. But a workout is a workout, even if it’s only 15 minutes long.

Here’s an easy fat-blasting workout that you can do in the morning, at lunch, after work — any time and any place you can spare 15 minutes. Don’t think about it, just do it:

Cardio (5 Minutes)

  • 1 minute of jumping jacks
  • 1 minute of jogging in place with butt kicks
  • 1 minute of shuffles across the floor, alternating to the right and left
  • 1 minute of alternating high knees
  • 1 minute of burpees with a jump at the top

Core Conditioning (5 Minutes)

  • Three sets (30 seconds each) of plank holds on your elbows and balls of your feet
  • Three sets (30 seconds each) of planks on your elbows and balls of your feet; drop both knees to the floor and back up
  • Standing core work on each leg by consecutively pulling one knee in towards your chest and back out diagonally for one minute on each side
Build your strength with forward lunges.

Strength (5 Minutes)

  • 1 minute (three sets) of 10 regular push-ups with hands placed just outside of shoulder-width
  • 1 minute (three sets) of 10 triceps push-ups with hands shoulder-width apart and elbows tucked in close to your torso
  • 1 minute (three sets) of 10 squats up to toe raises with toes facing forward
  • 1 minute (three sets) of 10 squats up to toe raises with toes facing outward
  • 1 minute (two sets) of 10 forward lunges on each leg

During all of these exercises tuck in your core, make sure your knees don't come over your toes during lunges and squats and keep a flat back and neutral spine when appropriate.

Check out my full cardio-sculpt video for demonstrations of many of these exercises and more:

Try to incorporate these exercises into your overall workout regimen at least three times per week. Remember to modify as you see fit: Do lower-intensity cardio, planks and push-ups on your knees, and rest as needed between segments and sets. Don't forget to warm up beforehand and to cool down and stretch afterward. And be sure to consult your doctor prior to doing this workout if you have any health concerns.

Readers -- What are your go-to workouts when you don't want to leave the house? How do you adjust your workout schedule during winter? Did you find this article helpful? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Reena Vokoun is the founder of Passion Fit, LLC, a certified fitness and dance instructor, Passion Fit blogger, YouTube video expert, digital-advertising professional, Reebok Fitness Pro and award-winning ESPN National Aerobics Championships competitor. She's a happily married mother of two boys. Visit her website at passionfit.com, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.