Ellen DeGeneres Has Created a Badass New Workout With Milo Ventimiglia

Is Ellen your new fitspo?

If you’re in need of a new buddy workout to keep things fun, heartthrob Milo Ventimiglia has your back (pun intended). You only need three things for this celebrity-approved workout: you, a can-do attitude and a partner (Ellen DeGeneres optional).

The impromptu workout routine featuring our favorite talk-show host came to life when the “This Is Us” actor stopped by “The Ellen Show.” After DeGeneres poked fun at the actor’s “Sexiest Man Alive” People cover shoot, the two talked last week’s heartwarming push-up scene with Sterling K. Brown’s character, Randall.

“He has a moment where he gets to connect with his father … where his adopted father literally carried him on his back,” Ventimiglia explained. “So we did a bunch of push-ups — and then backstage we thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we put Sterling on my back and see how many push-ups I can do?’”

Inspired by Ventimiglia’s behind-the-scenes story, Ellen decided to take it one step further, telling her guest: “I’d love to get on your back while you do a push-up.” And with that, the Ventimiglia-DeGeneres buddy workout was born.

Haven’t done this in a while. (Thanks, @MiloAnthonyVentimiglia, for the ride.)

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Any good buddy workout has to get both parties involved. So, being the go-getter that she is, Ellen traded positions with Milo and gave the partner push-up challenge her best shot. Go, Ellen!

You should always be trying to keep your workout new and challenging, right? But, while the Ventimiglia-DeGeneres workout does look like a fun thing to try out, you probably don’t want to scrap your regular buddy workout for it (especially if you aren’t buds with Ellen). So if you want to try something new to keep it fresh with your workout partner, we’d suggest going with these fun high-five push-ups or a partner medicine ball workout. After all, what are friends for if not to get fit together?