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This Yogi Had Way Too Much Fun in Yesterday's Snowstorm

The great thing about yoga is you can literally do it anywhere you can put your mat down. This week New York got dumped on, but yogi @frog_queenyoga didn’t let the snow stop her.

She took yoga’s do-anywhere vibe to a whole new level by taking to Instagram and getting her pose on in the middle of a giant snowstorm — proving that not even a blizzard can stand in the way of a good yoga session.

While some people can get bummed out by the slippery sidewalks and treacherous driving conditions, she didn’t let the snow get her down. Instead, she took the opportunity to share a variety of her favorite poses — including fish pose and tiger pose — with her followers for what looks like the ultimate way to spend a snow day.

Not only was she not afraid of the cold temperatures — wearing just a sports bra and leggings atop her snow-dusted mat — she embraced the challenge and even asked for more snow.

Then she put on a pair of pink high heels to perform a headstand as part of the #ValentineVixens challenge. Joan, as her Insta bio names her, described the experience as feeling “kinda a bit weird” — not because she was up to her ears in snow, but because she wasn’t used to wearing heels while doing yoga. Um, sure.

She may have started the next yoga Instagram trend because many of her followers confessed that seeing her take on the challenge inspired them to try the same. Even though she confessed that she was “freezing her bum off.”

While you may be wondering why this young yogi takes on these Instagram challenges, there’s a simple explanation: Joan says, “I love outdoor yoga. I felt free and relaxed.” We can get behind that.

Who says you have to wait till spring to go outside and stand on your head, anyway?

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