The Iconic Blue IKEA Bag Is Now a Must-Have Fitness Tool

Reebok trainer Andrew Connor wins the internet this week for his fitness ingenuity_._ One of the greatest uses for a blue IKEA Frakta bag that we’ve seen thus far — besides these Frakta sneakers and this Frakta surgical mask — is Connor’s eight-move Frakta workout routine.

All you need in order to tackle the IKEA-inspired workout challenge are a few of the iconic blue bags, weights or a medicine ball — and the willingness to work up a sweat.

What brought on this burst of IKEA-inspired creativity? Balenciaga designed a copy of the 99-cent Frakta bag, then decided to sell it for $2,145. Ever since, people have been trolling the designer with their own Frakta creations.

Now back to the workout. The second move of Connor’s Frakta regimen (plastic bag rows) is perhaps the most ingenious. Simply wrap a bag around a pull-up bar so both handles hang from either side. Grab the handles and position yourself at an angle so only your heels touch the ground. Pull yourself up, then extend to lower yourself down.

Then there’s the simple-yet-challenging ladder hopscotch move. Place six bags folded into perfect squares in a straight, equally spaced line on the ground, creating a “ladder.” Begin at the bottom and jump from side to side over each bag. Can you feel the Frakta burn?

A handstand, squats, deadlifts and lunges round out the routine. Who knew that fitness could be yours for the low cost of 99 cents per bag?

And there are many other ways to repurpose your Frakta. The blue bags could be fashioned into a thong and chain, as seen here.

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Or, for the germophobe in your life, you can follow in @zhijunwang’s footsteps and fashion yourself a protective mask. Whatever you do, don’t forget to jump on the Frakta bandwagon.

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