Comparison of Maclaren Strollers

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The Maclaren company, named after the owner’s clan descended from Scotland, began producing "baby buggies" in the 1960s. The brand has since expanded its stroller designs to accommodate both the affordable and high-end markets and children ranging in age from newborn to grade school. Each of its ten different models includes its own set of seat positions, weight limits, child capacities, wheel and handle designs. A printable comparison chart on the Maclaren website can help shoppers determine which stroller is suitable for their needs.

Quest and Techno

The Quest and Techno models are sturdy, large in size and include four seat positions. Both Quest models are designed for children who weigh as much as 55 lbs, while the Techno XLR holds children up to 64 lbs. The Techno line also has a double stroller model that holds up to 110 lbs. between both children. One major difference between the two models is the fact that the two Techno models have a seat position that can accommodate newborns, whereas the two Quest models do not. The Quest is more lightweight than the Techno, while the Techno has some features for added comfort, including suspension in the wheels, a sun visor viewing window with UV protection and extendable handles. Both models can be folded using one hand.


The Triumph and Twin Triumph are Maclaren’s midsized line of strollers that are lighter than the Quest and Techno models. Both models have two seat positions and seat children up to 55 lbs. (the twin stroller holds up to 110 lbs.). Both models have a seat position that is safe for newborns, a foam handle and can be folded using one hand.


The MX3 is Maclaren’s sturdiest and heaviest model. Its one-of-kind feature among the Maclaren models is that is designed for the outdoors. It has three large wheels—one front and two back—and is designed for jogging and hiking. Like the other models, the MX3 also has multiple seat positions, one of which can hold newborns, and seats children up to 55 lbs. It also features a sun visor viewing window with UV protection, extendable handles and quick-release wheels. This model cannot be folded using one hand.


The Volo model is Maclaren’s most lightweight. It has one seat position and, unlike any other Maclaren model, cannot hold children younger than six months old.

Easy Traveler

The Maclaren Easy Traveler is a car-seat holder that is lightweight, folds easily and is compatible with most car-seat models.

Standard Features

All Maclaren strollers contain the following standard features: a five-point harness seat belt, foot-operated parking brakes, a removable, washable seat, an aluminum frame, water-resistant hood, compact size when folded, a carry strap handle and a shopping basket. All models also fit through a standard-sized door, one of the most popular components of Maclaren strollers.