Exercises to Strengthen Worn Hip Joints


Exercises to strengthen worn hip joints are needed to keep your legs functioning properly and moving as intended. Your hip muscles support your hip joints and can help you perform a variety of everyday activities, such as kicking, running, standing and maintaining your balance. You need to consistently do the exercises to reap the best results.

Stationary Bicycling

Exercycling, or using a stationary bike, can help strengthen your worn hip joints. You can increase both your muscle strength and flexibility by doing this exercise, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Make certain your seat is adjusted to the proper level. Your correct seat level is the point where your injured leg is as straight as possible with your foot just touching the pedal. After placing both of your feet into your bicycle's pedal stirrups, make certain that you are using no tension when first starting your bicycling exercise. Slowly start pedaling backward for a couple of minutes. Then relax for a few minutes. Once you feel comfortable, slowly start pedaling forward. Strive to reach a goal of riding your stationary bike for 20 to 30 minutes at least twice weekly.

Water Exercises

You can start doing some water exercises to strengthen your hips. The University of Washington Medicine (UWM) department recommends water aerobics as an activity because the water can provide warmth, support and relaxation. The water's natural resistance and buoyancy make exercising less taxing on your joints, adds Exercise Goals.

You can do a side leg lift to strengthen your muscles. This exercise is also known as hip abduction and adduction, reports UWM. After getting into warm, waist-deep water, stand with your left side against the pool's wall and hold onto the wall with your left hand for balance. Be sure your knees are relaxed. Slowly swing your right leg out toward the center of the pool (to the side). Hold this position for two to five seconds. Slowly return your leg to the standing position. Repeat this exercise five times. Make certain you do not cross your right leg in front of your left leg. After resting a few seconds, rotate your body so that your right side is against the pool's water. Repeat the exercise five times with your left leg. This exercise can also be done on land, according to the National Institute on Aging.


Walking is a hip-strengthening exercise you can do both in and out of water to strengthen your worn hip joints. You need good walking shoes if you are walking outdoors. Use a cane or other walking aid if you need it. Walk at your own pace and do not rush. Start out walking for only a few minutes. Gradually increase your speed as you progress.

Pool walking involves you getting into waist-deep warm water and walking the pool's perimeter says exercisegoals.com. Make certain your feet are touching the pool's bottom to avoid injury and that you are swinging your arms. You may want to wear aquatic shoes to prevent scratching of your feet. Once you have walked around the pool once, rest for a few minutes. Walk as many laps as you feel comfortable with.