The Best Leg Workouts for Speed

The Best Leg Workouts for Speed

Explosive speed involves both stamina and leg strength. According to J. Steve Smith, speed is power that is derived from explosion through the legs and quickness through the feet. Plyometrics, dynamic weight lifting and strength training are three forms of exercise you can do that cater to building leg speed.

Sprinting Stairs

Stair running can be a form of high-intensity interval training or HIIT. Running stairs gets the heart rate up and uses sprinting to max out speed. With each step, driving your foot down into the stair engages your glutes and quadriceps. This workout improves speed and also builds strength.

Scissor Jumps

Scissor jumps combine strength training and plyometric movement, building muscular strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Scissor jumps involve starting in a lunge and jumping up to switch legs. The key to scissor jumps is exploding for height and landing lightly. Add a weight vest to challenge your explosion through the legs.

Exploding through Squats

Squats with weight build muscular definition through the same leg muscles as lunges adding the bonus of core strength through the spine and abdomen. Blend speed into a traditional weight room circuit by adding a round of 10 squat jumps between sets of free weight squats. To maximize the benefits of your squat jumps, work to increase your airtime.

Exploring Track Workouts

A track workout is an excellent way to integrate speed and stamina in your routine. If you are a distance athlete, a workout to build speed and leg power can be done by jogging the curves of your track and sprinting the straightaways. This provides you with a way to track mileage and can be repeated for any distance depending on your abilities and training goals.