Exercises for Knee Cellulite

Two young women in workout apparel sitting against wall

Dimpled pockets of cellulite just above the knee joint are difficult to get rid of, but a variety of exercises may help those with less than perfect knees reduce the amount of cellulite where the thigh meets the knee. As with any other muscle, the muscle attachments of the quadriceps muscles at the knee joint must be exercised, not only for bone support and strength, but to reduce fat and strengthen muscle tone, which promotes lean, smooth knees.

Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are an effective way to not only work the quadriceps or thigh muscles, but work the knee joint as well, according to Fit Step. Any time you work the knee joint, you're exercising and toning the muscle fibers that surrounding the joint, reducing accumulation of fat or cellulite.

If you're at the gym, use the leg extension machine. Sit in the seat and hold onto the handles. Place the lower part of the shin against the padded weight bar at your feet. Start with low weight resistance. Sitting straight, tighten the abs and exhale, lifting the weighted bar with your feet, raising the bar to almost knee level. Hold for a second and then lower. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

At home, sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor. Holding onto the sides of the chair, lift your feet upward until your ankles are level with your knees. Add ankle weights if you wish. Lift and lower the feet, tightening all the muscles in the quadriceps at the top of the lift. Pause a second and then lower. Perform 15 to 20 leg extensions.


Squats are another effective method of working the knee joint. You can perform this exercise with your back leaning against a wall if you wish for additional support, suggests Changing Shape. Or, you can hold onto a chair or door jamb for balance. Stand with the feet about shoulder distance apart, back straight and abdominal muscles tucked inward. Pretend you're going to sit in a chair. Lead with the buttocks and lower your body until your legs are parallel to the floor. Pause and then raise yourself to starting position. You can do this 5 to 10 times as strength permits.

Cardiovascular Exercise

You can burn off excess fat and reduce appearance of cellulite by engaging in cardio exercise on a daily basis says Jacqueline Stenson, MSNBC contributor. Walking, sports, and bicycling are effective methods of reducing chubby knees. Find something fun and energetic to do every day, and weight loss and fat reduction will follow.