Yoga Exercise Videos for Seniors

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A yoga video specialized to seniors might benefit you if you're new to yoga or you have certain limitations like body stiffness or health concerns. These videos generally adapt the yoga practice to focus on certain problems common with age. Many work on improving flexibility through stretching and strengthening muscles, and offer gentle, resistance exercises. They also use pose modifications that are gentle and safe to perform.

Beginner's Generalized Yoga Videos

Jane Fonda created "AM/PM Yoga for Beginners" in 2012. She told "Parade" in 2013 it is geared toward older people who need to start slow. Another option is the 2003 video "Lilias! AM & PM Yoga Workouts for Seniors." PBS instructor Lilias Folan provides a beginner's workout that focuses on bringing all aspects of yoga to seniors, including breathing, flexibility, strength training and mental health aspects.

Specialized Health Concern Videos

Many videos focus on a certain health condition. Each video may or may not be created for seniors, but it will feature modifications based on the specific health problem and its limitations. For example, PBS created a yoga video for people with arthritis called "Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy." Released in 2010, it focuses on improving mobility and muscle strength for people with stiffness from arthritis or aging.