Self-Defense Techniques for Men

Boxer hitting the sandbag

The safest self-defense technique for men is to avoid violent confrontation altogether. However, sometimes you may be forced to physically defend your own well-being or the safety of loved ones. Dangerous or life-threatening situations could occur without warning. If you must fight back against an assailant, it helps if you are already familiar with some effective self-defense techniques. Practice self-defense moves frequently so you can quickly react if necessary.


You can bring an end to a physical confrontation much quicker if you know how and where to hit an attacker. Vital striking targets include his eyes and nose. Hitting one of these targets with enough power may give you enough time to get away from an attacker. When targeting an attacker's eyes, thrust your fingers into his eyes or gouge them with your thumbs. Use the heel of your palm to strike an assailant's nose.


Martial artists often demonstrate high, flashy kicks. However, some of the best kicks for self-defense purposes can be delivered below the belt. The primary target below the belt is the groin. Use the top of your foot to deliver a swift kick between an attacker's legs. The knees are also a good target. Use the bottom of your foot to deliver a devastating, stomping kick to the outside of an attacker's knee joint. Injuring an attacker's legs will slow him down or stop him altogether and this increases your chances of running to safety.

Headlock Escape

If an assailant quickly grabs you, then your striking and kicking opportunities could be limited. In that case, you need to know how to escape from his hold. The headlock is a common controlling hold that men use on one another during physical confrontations. A headlock is performed by wrapping your arm tightly around another person's neck and holding him at the side of your body. To escape the headlock, use your closest hand to the attacker to reach behind his back and up over his shoulder to gouge his eyes. Pull back on his head as you sweep his closest leg out from under him with your foot.

Tackle Defense

A tackle is another common maneuver seen in physical confrontations between men. An attacker might try to tackle you because he believes he can control you better on the ground. If you're not a skilled fighter on the ground, it's better to avoid getting into a grappling situation. If an assailant attempts to charge at you and grabs you by the waist or legs, then firmly place your palms on the side of his head and redirect him off to the side of your body. Keep your arms stiff as you perform this technique so the attacker is not able to get close enough to wrap his arms around you. Follow up with a strike or kick to a vital target area.