30 Minute Circuit Training Workouts

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If you are short on time or tend to get bored during workouts, circuit training may be the exercise routine for you. Circuit training workouts feature between eight and 10 exercises that are set at training stations. Throughout your 30-minute circuit training workout, move from station to station and complete the exercise for a designated period of time or repetitions. The variety and intensity of the workout builds muscle definition and improves endurance.

Focus on Time

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In focusing on time, such as doing each exercise for 90 seconds and resting for 10 seconds, you can maximize repetitions while allowing time for rest. A 30-minute circuit may include pushups and triceps dips for arm strength; squats, lunges and mountain climbers for leg strength; and planks, Russian twists and butterfly kicks for core strength.

Focus on Repetitions

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Instead of using time, use repetitions to determine station duration. For instance, set stations for burpees, jump squats, curtsy lunges, inverted rows, arm circles, bicycles, side planks and straight-leg crunches. At each station, complete 50 repetitions before you move to the next exercise. Continue the circuit until you reach 30 minutes.