The Best Rated Balance Ball Fitness DVDs

If you are looking for a way to jump-start your home exercise routine, consider investing in a balance ball and some top-rated DVDs. Not only will you be working in some valuable strength-training to your fitness program, you'll have a chance to learn and perfect new moves to keep your workouts varied and interesting. (Ref 1)

Three Workouts, One DVD

Balance balls have been incorporated into aerobic, yoga and pilates classes to build muscular strength and to increase the range of motion in your joints. The top-rated Quick Fix Stability Ball Workout DVD, led by trainer Keli Roberts, offers three 10-minute workouts you can do at home to work your lower body, arms and back, and abs.

Mix and Match With Five Workouts

The 10 Minute Solution Fitness Ball Workouts with trainer Kimberly Spreen is also highly rated and features five different 10-minute workouts. Three focus on overall body stretching, toning and firming and two specifically target the muscles of the upper and lower body.

Safety Tips

Use your balance ball DVDs two or three times a week. If you are new to strength-training or using the balance ball equipment you can expect some delayed onset muscle soreness as you exercise muscles a new way and increase the intensity of your workouts. Be sure to rest a full day between workouts to give your muscles a chance to rest, repair and rebuild.

About the Author

Michele Turcotte is a registered, licensed dietitian, and a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has more than 12 years of experience in clinical and corporate settings, and has extensive experience in one-on-one diet counseling and meal planning. She has written freelance food and nutrition articles for Trouve Publishing Inc. since 2004.