Ab Lounge 2 Instructions

The Ab Lounge 2 will help you reach your fitness goals. By committing to a fitness regime and working out consistently you will strengthen and stretch your core while toning your entire mid-section. There are a variety of exercises to perform to keep challenging yourself and prevent boredom The Ab Lounge 2 is also simple to set up and can be folded up for easy storage giving you the convenience of working out in your own home according to your own schedule.

  1. Carry out aerobic activity for approximately five to ten minutes to prepare your body for the exercise ahead and to reduce the risk of muscle injury. Mild aerobic warm-up exercises include walking, cycling, jump roping or jogging.

  2. Perform the following stretching sequence on both sides of your body, ensuring you hold each stretch for approximately 30 seconds before moving onto the next: Quadriceps Stretch, Triceps Stretch, Calf Stretch, Standing Hamstrings Stretch, Inner thigh Stretch, Buttocks, Hips and Abdominal Stretch and Arm Pullback. Refer to the Ab Lounge 2 owner's manual to learn how to perform the stretching sequence (linked in "Resources" section).

    It’s important to perform the stretches correctly and in a steady, controlled manner. Remember not to hold your breath and to inhale and exhale deeply. Stretching before exercise will increase your flexibility and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

  3. Place your Ab Lounge 2 on a solid, level surface. Ensure you have at least three feet of clearance in front and behind the unit. Stand next to the foot rests and hold onto the handlebar to step over the metal bar that connects the seat and foot rest. Sit on the unit and lean your upper body back until you are in a reclining position. Place your feet on the foot rests and hold onto the pull-up.

  4. Perform the muscle toning workout. Carry out the following sequences of exercises: Basic Jackknife, Oblique Jackknife, Jackknife with Leg Lift, Extended Arm Jackknife, Extended Leg Jackknife, Torso and Hip Flexor Stretch. For detailed information on how to perform the exercises correctly refer to the Ab Lounge 2 owner’s manual (linked in "Resources"). Once your can comfortably complete the exercises, incorporate the Advanced Jackknife and Lateral Jackknife, which are more challenging.

  5. Increase the number of repetitions and the number of sets for each exercise as your core becomes stronger to keep challenging yourself. Aim to perform the muscle toning routine between three to six times a week with each session lasting between 30 and 35 minutes.

  6. Complete the stretching sequence outlined in Step 2 to cool down. Cooling down properly will help ease any muscle tightness and soreness.


    Engage yourself in aerobic activity five to six times a week and follow a healthy balanced diet to burn fat and calories. By doing so you will reach your goals even sooner.

    To stay motivated set yourself small but realistic goals, when you reach them reward yourself.


    Seek advice from your doctor before starting any fitness program, especially if you’re pregnant or have existing health problems.

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