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Men Flat Stomach Exercises

Building a flat stomach can be a difficult proposition for many men, but provided you're committed to the task, it's something that isn't impossible when you add the right exercises into your workout plan. Your workout should include a combination of aerobic exercises to help reduce fat and strength-training exercises to build your core.


Situps are an exercise that strengthens your core muscles and are simple to perform in any venue. For this routine, a man needs to lie on his back with the support of a mat, if desired. Then, he places his hands on either side of his head and bends his knees. By slowly raising his shoulders, he must touch his knees with his elbows to complete half of the exercise before retracting back to his original position in a controlled fashion. He should not fall back down because this will not help him keep his abs contracted for optimum performance. Perform three sets of 20 reps.

Captain Chair Leg Raise

The captain chair leg raise should be performed in a gym equipped with the correct facilities. With his body upright, the athlete's arms should rest on a padded surface, leaving his legs to hang loose. His hands should grip the handholds to stabilize his upper body while his back is pressed against the pad behind him. Then, by raising his legs up to your chest in a controlled fashion, the athlete should be able to feel some pressure on his abs. However, he should not swing his legs or arch his back to gain support because this will only hinder development. Perform three sets of 15 reps for a solid workout.


Although cardiovascular routines may not be specific to the stomach, for men carrying excess weight, these exercises are a necessity to help lose weight. Even if an athlete is jogging at a slow pace, he can incorporate cardiovascular activity with other stomach exercises to establish results quickly. Beginners should try 10 minutes on a treadmill at a speed that they feel comfortable with, then gradually increase the amount of time and speed to match his progression. Men should not be discouraged if it seems difficult at first; the more he attempts to exercise, the easier it becomes.

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