The Best Toning Workout Videos

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Exercising from the comfort of your own home with a workout DVD can save you money on a gym membership and allow you to workout according to your schedule. Choosing the best videos can help you to get the most out of your exercise time and maximize the toning benefits.

Favorable Features

The best DVD for toning will be taught by an experienced and certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor; proper instruction helps to minimize injuries and maximize productivity. For muscle safety, look for a DVD that has a warm-up session at the beginning of the workout, and a cool-down and stretching session at the end. A variety of exercises should make up the main workout, with clear explanations of how to do each move and modification tips for beginners. The DVD will preferably offer overall conditioning and the ability to progress as you become stronger, which ensures that you won’t outgrow the video too quickly.


Rather than turn your living room into a home gym, look for a DVD that does not require an abundance of exercise equipment, which will allow you to save on space and money. A mat, stability ball and possibly props for resistance training, such as a medicine ball or resistance bands, should make up most of the needed equipment. The best DVD will also allow you to productively workout within the parameters of your space; for example, if your workout area is 3 by 5 feet, a DVD that requires 8 or 9 square feet will not be the best option.