How To Build an Indoor Practice Putting Green

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Most golfers can never get away from the game. They simply love having a club in their hands, trying to guide the ball into the hole. However, renting time on a golf course can cost hundreds of dollars. Building your own indoor putting green can help further your golf game in addition to saving you a lot of money on tee times.

Build a 4-by-8 foot rectangular frame with the pine boards. Butt the sides of the 4-foot-long boards to the ends of the 8-foot-long boards in the corners. Predrill, then attach the boards using wood screws. Add L-brackets on the corners to help hold them together.

Nail the three 2-by-4 support beams on the inside of the frame, spacing them an equal distance apart. When you walk on the frame, there should not be any weak spots that can cave in or crack.

Place the sheet of plywood on top of the frame and nail it down. Using the compass, draw a circle to show you where to place the golf hole. The circle should have a diameter of about 4 1/4 inches. Leave at least a foot in each side of the hole in case you miss.

Cut the hole out using the jigsaw. Cut slowly to make sure the edges are smooth and that it is the correct size.

Glue the green carpet on the plywood. You can substitute AstroTurf for the carpet. Spread glue on the top of the plywood and the bottom of the carpet to ensure it sticks. When you place the carpet onto the boards, pull the edges to stretch the carpet flat and ensure there are no bunches or bumps in the green. Cut off any extra carpet with a carpet knife.

Cut out the hole for the golf cup in the carpet, using the carpet knife. Insert the golf hole cup. Buy the cup hole off any online golf store or at a local golf supply store.


Use PVC piping on the edges of the green to prevent the ball from falling off the indoor green.


Put on safety glasses and gloves when drilling and cutting the carpet. Keep all tools and glue out of reach of children and pets.