How to Fix a Broken Portable Basketball Hoop Base

Basketball with hoop

A portable basketball hoop is an investment that should be enjoyed for years, but because the portable basketball hoop is always outside, exposed to the elements, sometimes problems can occur. By far the most common is a rupture in the plastic base, which usually is filled with water or sand. This type of damage is not difficult to repair.

Locate the leak. Go over the entire base, pressing gently with your hand. Look to see a rupture or break widen when pressure is applied. Make sure you find all the leaks.

Drain the base of your portable basketball hoop. Turn it on its side and let the sand or water run out until it is at a level below the rupture.

Clean the rupture with a damp cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Make sure the crack is free of any debris, sand particles and moisture. Allow the rupture to dry completely.

Fill rupture with caulk. Press and knead the caulk deeply into the crevice. Make sure you use enough caulk to cover the edges of the rupture plus 1 to 2 inches. Press the caulk flat and smooth the edges.

Wait an hour, then gently sand the caulk so it is smooth. Apply a coat of paint to help hide the repaired spot.


If you move your portable hoop often, consider finding a more permanent place for it and leaving it there.


If moisture or sand is in the crack before you apply the caulk, the seal will not hold.