The Best Pilates & Yoga DVDs

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Pilates and yoga stretch and strengthen muscles for a toned, fit body. If you don't have time or money to attend studio classes, try working out at home with DVDs. The best DVDs vary depending on your fitness level, goals and interests. However, recommended yoga and Pilates DVDs share similar characteristics.

Burn Off Calories

Yoga and Pilates are low-intensity exercises that burn roughly 150 to 200 calories per 60 minutes. Supplement practices with cardiovascular workouts such as running a few times per week for weight-loss. DVDs that will increase your heart rate and get you sweating include "The Biggest Loser's Yoga For Weight-Loss" and "Pilates For Weight Loss."

Tone It Up

The best DVDs will emphasize strength-training to tone muscles. Yoga and Pilates target the arms, legs and core with arm balancing exercises, leg lifts, planks and static holding poses to fatigue muscles. Pilates Master Teacher Jennifer Krie's "Energy Flow Vinyasa" sculpts the body while Baron Baptiste's "Journey Into Power Vinyasa Flow" Levels one and two can meet the needs of the beginner or advanced.

Elongate The Muscles

DVDs should include stretching to elongate muscles and improve flexibility. ACE-certified personal trainer Jennipher Walters of Fit Bottomed Girls suggests Christine Felstead's "Yoga for Runners Intermediate Program" and STOTT Pilates DVDs such as "Simple Stretches."