Incredible Group Photos of People Doing Yoga Will Make Your Day

Happy National Yoga Day!

While there is no shortage of ridiculous holidays out there — we’re looking at you, National Fast Food Day (November 16) — today’s national holiday is one that we, and apparently the rest of the internet, can get behind. Happy National Yoga Day, everyone!

To celebrate, people all over the world have been sharing their favorite poses online from Instagram to Twitter. From acroyoga duos to poses in interesting places, National Yoga Day got some impressively large groups of people together to show off their best moves.

Check below for all of our faves!

National Yoga Day in beautiful, sunny Tel Aviv!

Celebrating the day as a group in Uppsala, Sweden.

City yoga in Chicago.

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Stretching it out at the Canyon Ranch resort in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Group yoga in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly (and sisterly) love.

Nothing like group yoga outside 800-year-old Kilkenny Castle in Ireland!

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Bright and beautiful weather makes for a wonderful yoga experience in Santa Monica, California.

Working out in groups has been proven to have significant benefits.

How amazing does outdoor yoga in Istanbul look? Did someone say bucket list?

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Just a little yoga in the middle of Times Square. No big deal!

What Do YOU Think?

Did you take part in National Yoga Day? Do you like working out with friends? Is outdoor yoga the best kind?

If this acroyoga buggy pic doesn't say yoga is for friends, we don't know what does.

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No yoga gear, no problem!

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The best part of all this, National Yoga Day marks the summer solstice.

But it's not just yoga enthusiasts taking to Instagram to strike their favorite pose. Large congregations of people have been coming together to celebrate, from Times Square, New York to what was likely the largest gather led by the Prime Minister in Mumbai India.

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Happy National Yoga Day!