This Is How Hilary Swank Gets Her Perfectly Toned Arms

Hilary Swank reveals how she gets her gorgeous guns in a new Instagram video.

Anyone who has seen Hilary Swank’s awe-inspiring performance in 2004’s “Million Dollar Baby” knows she’s no stranger to a totally intense workout. The actress packed on a whopping 19 pounds of muscle during three months of hardcore training for the Academy Award-winning role, and 13 years later the actress is still totally devoted to her workout game.

If you need proof, just watch this Instagram video of her showing off her seriously impressive arm workout:

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With her head and shoulders supported by an exercise ball, her feet planted firmly on the ground and the ’90s hit “Whoomp There It Is” blasting in the background (yes, she relies on bumpin’ tunes to get her workout engine revving too!), the 42-year-old demonstrates perfect form as she lifts a barbell up and down. After she perfectly executes one set with her left arm, she moves on to the right without missing a beat.

While she almost makes it look easy, it’s clear Swank is completely focused and determined throughout the physically challenging workout. She finished off the post by adding some fitspirational hashtags, including #Focused, #MakeAChoice and #MakeItHappen.

That’s our kind of girl!

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Fitness Friday is becoming a regular thing for Swank, as she has been posting mini-workout videos on her social media page for several months. A week ago she offered up another Insta-workout video, showing off some major stamina while doing a lunge and arm-pull combo to the tune of “Electric Feel,” and two weeks ago she lifted some major barbells to “Get Down On It.” If you want to hop on Hillary’s workout bandwagon, consider following her Instagram.

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Her dedication to #FitnessFriday may have something to do with the chic “high performance meets high fashion” athleisure line she recently launched, Mission Statement, which she models in most of her videos.

In any case, Swank’s series of fitness vids are motivational and inspirational — so keep ’em coming, Hil! For more exercise moves that are sure to get your arms looking strong and sexy, click here.

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