How to Build a Golf Practice Net

If you want to work on your golf swing without the scrutiny of others, you can build a practice net in your backyard.

A net also provides a good way to practice hitting the ball without having to pay fees to be on a course and prevents a wild golf ball from straying into a neighbor's yard or window. A golf practice net can be set up anywhere and it easy to build

  1. Select any sturdy material to be used for the poles, such as steel tubes, PVC pipes or wood beams. Baffle nets are woven close together, which means you won't lose your ball through the net.

  1. Use a shovel or post digger to dig holes for the poles that will be the frame of the practice net.

  2. Pack the dirt back around the poles after burying one to two feet of them in the ground. If you want your practice net to be permanent, you can pour cement in the holes.

  1. Attach the baffle net or tarp to the poles with nylon tie cords that are about a foot long.

  2. Place the ties every foot down the sides of the poles. Be sure not to tie the net or tarp too tight --you need a little slack to prevent it from sending the golf ball right back at you.

  1. Cut four 12-foot nylon tie cords to anchor the poles.

  2. Attach two cords to the top of each pole and stretch one in the back and one in the front of the practice net to anchor into the ground using metal ground stakes. Be careful not to put these in a place that will trip a family member. Once both sides are staked, you can use the practice net.